How I Use Mind/Body Interventions

Mind Body Interventions

Mind/Body interventions, also called Mind/Body Medicine, are a well-researched, safe and effective compliment to both medical and psychological interventions. Hypnosis, Energy Psychology, Imagery, and Psychoneuroimmunology are conducive to a brief problem-focused psychotherapy or can be integrated into a longer-term psychotherapy relationship.

I have successfully used Mind/Body techniques for many years. My training allows me to tailor the interventions specifically to your needs. I will also offer you Mind/body techniques that you can use at home to increase your physical and emotional comfort and well-being.

How I Can Help

I have successfully used Mind/Body interventions to:

  • Encourage relaxation
  • Improve coping skills
  • Reduce tension and pain
  • Decrease anxiety and depression
  • Decrease anger and agitation
  • Decrease the side-effects of medication
  • Decrease medical symptoms
  • Support addiction recovery
  • Increase problem-solving abilities

What Is Mind/Body Medicine?

Mind-body interventions support the normal functioning of the immune system. Research has consistently demonstrated that when we are physically or emotionally stressed, our bodies’ release of stress hormones can impact every system and organ in our bodies. Effectively dealing with stressors and emotions may affect a person’s ability to ward off colds and improve their life after a diagnosis of chronic or life threatening illness or chronic pain.

There is no evidence that negative emotions such as: anxiety, chronic worry or anger or depression, actually cause disease. But research has shown that negative emotions can weaken the immune system and increase inflammation and pain. Furthermore, positive emotions such as, hopefulness, joy and curiosity can have a palliative effect on immune functions.


I have utilized this gentle and powerful mind/body approach to teach my clients to use their own imagination to facilitate change and promote physical and mental health and well-being.
Use of imagery has been shown to be effective with a wide range of psychological and medical difficulties. In addition, it’s use for relaxation in the general population, is widely known.

Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology is a promising new field that draws from Eastern Medicine, Yoga, Applied Kinesiology and Psychology. I have utilized Energy Psychology techniques to help my clients with a wide range of psychological difficulties and to promote mind-body health. This safe and effective technique offers the possibility of successfully treating difficulties that have not responded to psychotherapy or medical interventions.

Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI)

PNI is a multi-disciplinary field that draws from the fields of immunology, psychology, immunophysiology, neurobiology, endocrinology, psychopharmacology, and many others. Research on PNI, originated by Dr. Robert Adler, in the 1970’s, focuses on the interrelationship of emotion-thought-behavior, and bodily function and how these interactions affect health. This safe and effective approach to healing also offers the possibility of successfully treating difficulties that have not responded to medical interventions. My clients have found this to be very helpful for both symptom-management and decreasing side effects of medication.